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kehrli farm Kehrli Sweet Corn - Web Site

Hello...we're Chad and Karen Kehrli and we live and work in beautiful Northeast Iowa. We've been farmers all our life. It's what we love. It's what we know best. Growing sweet corn in Iowa that will impress your taste buds. A lot is at stake and we rise to the challenge every morning...and for you urban dwellers - that's 5:00 AM. Fertile ground, agricultural knowledge, favorable weather, and just plain old hard work yield sweet corn that is unsurpassed in flavor. Kehrli Sweet Corn is famous here in Delaware County. Folks here prefer it and don't bother looking elsewhere. Season after season the word of mouth spread. Our reputation for delectable sweet corn traveled well out of the county. Stop by any of our locations and pick up some of the "best of the best" of this seasons fresh sweet corn for you and your family tonight!

bloomsberry farm Bloomsbury Farm - Web Site 

Bloomsbury Farm has not always been the unique agritourism destination it is today.  Bloomsbury Farm is located at the home of Dave and Karen Petersen, and began as Hagan Farm.  Hagan Farm was homesteaded in 1856, by Joseph Hagan, Dave's great-grandfather.  The farm began with a diverse array of livestock and crops.  The 400-acre family farm has been passed down from generation to generation.  In 1982, Dave was the 5th generation to take over the operations of the farm.  In 2007, he and his wife Karen bought the farm.  Petersen Farm now farms over 3,000 acres of corn and soybeans, in addition to operating the agritourism business known as Bloomsbury Farm.

abbe hills farm Abbe Hills Farm - Web Site 

Abbe Hills Farm is also the home of Abbe Hill Open Pollinated Seed Corn.  The heirloom yellow dent corn has been grown on this eastern Iowa farm since 1903.  Open pollination (OP) is an ancient technique for making improvements in our food crops.  The wind is responsible for moving pollen around the field each July, while Laura is responsible for selecting the best ears to save for seed for the following year.  Seed for Abbe Hills OP is sold all over the upper Midwest to farmers who want the best quality feed for their livestock.

fincel farm Fincel farm - Web Site 

The Fincel Family has been farming since 1885.  The Fincel farm was originally located on the north end of Dubuque near John Deere.  The size of the original farm was about 5 acres, and grew to 17 acres in the 1920's.  The farming operations were moved to the present location in East Dubuque, on Frentress Lake Road, to expand from 17 acres to 100 acres, when John Deere bought the original farmstead  in the mid 1960's.  Frank Fincel (IV), like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather before him, have shown what it is to truly work in a family business and lifestyle, and their legacy of sweet corn and produce is a pillar in the history of Dubuque.  Frank's wife Carol, sons Frank (V) and Craig, and daughter-in-law Sarah are all fully involved in the family farm as their way of life.  With over 125 years of family farming knowledge and experience, the Fincel's strive to offer only the best when it comes to their sweet corn and produce.